August 25, 2012

Frum: Diversity at the RNC!

Favid Frum:

“Eleven prime-time speakers at the Republican national convention. Five of them women. Five of them minorities.”

The non-lunatic fringe of the GOP is getting wiser. The less the party reflects fat cat white-boys, the more it reflects the US population as a whole. That's good politics.

Now all they need do is jettison the evangelical nonsense. We'd be left with arguments about the economy and foreign policy. And the parties aren't far apart on foreign policy.

Recall all those Democratic party regulars who campaigned on the gun control issue during the nineties? You don't hear much about that issue from them anymore. The DNC realized it was a losing issue, right or wrong. The party moved on. That was good politics, too.

(The recent spate of mass gun violence might eventually turn that tide, though. Repeatedly hearing the phrase "gun was legally purchased" could resonate better than any campaign slogan.)

Polling has shown a consistent rejection of restricted abortion rights by the majority of Americans. And few want a nag as government dictating what citizens may and may not do with their personal lives.

Now would be a good time to throw the extremists under the bus.