August 25, 2012

It Begins: Sandusky Victim Sues Penn State


“A young man who testified against Jerry Sandusky sued Penn State on Friday for its ‘deliberate and shameful’ handling of complaints that the former assistant football coach behaved inappropriately and sexually toward boys.”


I think this is the first of what will no doubt be many suits filed in the wake of Sandusky's conviction and the Freeh report's damning evidence against Penn State. How much, though, is enough to compensate someone for a lifetime of mental anguish? Sandusky's, and other pedophiles' victims can never be made whole, by any court.

A scan of the decisions for and awards to victims of Catholic priests is instructive. If those decisions are any indication, Penn State is in it for tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. It's (another) shame that such a sum is chump change for a school whose function has become as much a football machine as an institution of higher learning.

The NCAA should have completely shut down their football program for a few years, and let Penn State's administration recall what going to college is really about: learning.