August 24, 2012

Tour de Irrelevant


“Lance Armstrong is no longer a Tour de France champion … the cyclist has been STRIPPED of his seven titles in the wake of allegations that he used banned performance-enhancers. The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency made the announcement this morning … Armstrong will not only lose his victories, he has also been banned from the sport of cycling for life.”

Another rider or two is disqualified, suspended or banned every year over doping allegations. What was once a bicycle race has become a race between new doping techniques and methods for discovering those techniques. What we’re left with is the vague suspicion that many of the competitors are juicing, we just don’t know how many or who.

All of which makes the race irrelevant, because the competitors are commonly called into question by allegations and the results can change, sometimes years later.

That’s a shame, because the TdF is perhaps the most grueling slog in sports. Think of it more as a multi-week marathon rather than a single long race.