March 7, 2013

Old Sailors' Final Voyage

This is pretty cool. The remains of two US Navy sailors from the US Civil War are on their way to Arlington National Cemetery after recovery from the final resting place of the ironclad USS Monitor.

This photo was captured at Washington Dulles International airport this morning as the remains were transferred from Delta Airlines to the Navy honor guard.

March 4, 2013

The Rise and Fall of Andy Zaky

Philip Elmer-Dewitt:

“How an Internet-trained Apple analyst lost tens of millions of other peoples’ money”

A good, medium-length read about how greed can rob investors of well-earned gains.

Tip to the small-time investor: avoid derivatives like the plague.

Anyone who traded $60 Apple shares for call options only to see the company's shares tank, rather than explode one's investment balance, got what he deserved. Buy long, hold long, sell dear. Don't be dumb.

The Batman


“The suspect was arrested and charged with handling stolen goods and fraud-related offences, according to the force. But the costumed crime-fighter disappeared into the night without leaving his name.”

The hero we deserve, not the one we need.

March 3, 2013

Tim Duy's Fed Watch

Tim Duy has a succinct overview of the US economy in the face of the government's budget sequester: fact-based, metric-quoting and overall positive. Agree.

March 2, 2013

Marco: What Matters Most in Online Publishing

Marco Arment:

“The app is secondary — it’s just a container. I’m not going to get a meaningful number of new subscribers because I add a new setting or theme. This is why publishers like Condé Nast can have such mediocre, reader-hostile apps: the apps don’t matter as much as we like to think. The content and the audience matter much more than what color your links are.”

Wired Magazine has one of those reader-hostile apps. Massive, slow downloads of content, app crashes on older, slower iPads and content that cannot be copied or linked-to are the order of the day. Yet I continue to subscribe to the digital edition, and for the same reason I've subscribed to the magazine since issue number one: great articles, delivered monthly.