September 20, 2013

iOS 7 Supports Multipath TCP, Allows Simultaneous Wi-Fi and Cell Network Connections

Mike Beasley, writing for 9To5Mac:

“With MCTCP your iOS 7 device will be able to stay connected over both LTE and Wi-Fi at once. If your Wi-Fi connection fails, the LTE connection would continue downloading the data uninterrupted. You would likely never even know the difference”

Great new technology; That's the end of fading Wi-Fi cutting my iPhone's connection to the rest of the world.

September 19, 2013

iOS 7 Adoption Rate From Mixpanel

Less than two days out of the gate, iOS 7 adoption among Apple device users is close to eclipsing iOS 6.

Mixpanel's graph is updated hourly. Just hit refresh.

All the Personal Finance Advice You'll Ever Need

Jason Kottke passes along a short, terrific post by Harold Pollack containing the best investing advice money can't buy. It fits on a 4x6 index card, and it's pure gold.

September 18, 2013

Lightning in a Bottle

John Gruber, on the forthcoming Apple iPhone 5S:

To put that in context, the iPhone 5S beats my 2008 15-inch MacBook Pro by a small measure in the Sunspider benchmark (with the MacBook Pro running the latest Safari 6.1 beta). The iPhone 5S is, in some measures, computationally superior to the top-of-the-line MacBook Pro from just five years ago. In your fucking pocket.

We are living in the future.