February 4, 2017

Unity Rally in Warrenton, Virginia

We held a unity rally in Warrenton today, which was all about denouncing the acts of our new president. I was surprised at two things. First, the turnout of citizens uniformly showing resistance to his policy orders:

Corwd at an anti-Trump unity rally

Corwd at an anti-Trump unity rally

Corwd at an anti-Trump unity rally

Corwd at an anti-Trump unity rally

Second, the paucity of anti-protesters. I circled the crowd, looking for them. I found five, standing a block away holding a Gadsden flag. You’ve seen the image, a coiled snake and the words “don’t tread on me” on a yellow field. How ironic that they’d adopt a symbol of early American anti-authoritarianism to rally their cause of … authoritarianism. They looked cold.

I was heartened by the turn-out, the speeches made by a Muslim immigrant and a Baptist minister, and the lack of counter-argument.

Come to think of it, there isn’t all that much pro-Trump demonstration going on. Not in the media, not among the crowds turning out. I honestly wonder why that is. Are Trump’s followers ashamed of their choice? Are they content in the knowledge that he won the presidency, and have no need of further action? I really don’t know.

Here’s what I do know: I hope they lay down like this a year and a half from now at the mid-term elections, when the majority of us turn out to jam a Democratic Congress down Trump’s throat, and that I’ll gladly join that turn-out.

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